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About us

Yori Foods has already set benchmarks in the Kimchi market, and tops the list when people search for organic Kimchi near me. Until a few years ago, Kimchi was something that you could get from only Korean grocers. But now with online shopping facilities, this has changed considerably, and we have been able to deliver authentic Kimchi to people all over. The key to excellent Kimchi is the balance of heat, salt and lactic tang, and we have perfected that technique to create the richest and perfectly flavoured Kimchi. The multidimensional flavour of our Kimchi makes it a perfect snack, accompaniment, stir fry ingredient and as a complement to veg side dishes.

Our Mission

Yori Foods aims to bring the essence of Korean cuisine in all its authenticity, marked by quality and unbeatable flavours to the dining table of ardent food lovers.


We aim to be the perfect resource for inspiring Korean cuisines. To make this possible, we painstakingly examine each ingredient/product before they are packed and shipped. Our quality check team works to preserve the authentic flavours of high-quality ingredients. We aim to surpass quality and continue to be the best brand of Korean Kimchi.


Are you a food connoisseur yearning for an Asian adventure? If yes, then our products at Yori Foods are just right for you. We use organic ingredients in all our products, and our Kimchi range of products are undoubtedly the best in the market, among all sellers. We have a professional quality check team and they check each product that comes in, and ensure it matches the standards set by us, and our buyers. We use only organically grown produce sourced from local farmers whom we have visited ourselves.  We top the list of Kimchi marketers because of the quality and authenticity of our products. With Yori Foods, your requirement for organic kimchi near me is fulfilled!

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