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Kimchi in Middle East

Are You a Kimchi Lover?

Welcome to Yori Kimchi, the best spot to buy kimchi in UAE – where tradition meets innovation! Our passion lies in crafting Kimchi using time-honoured fermentation techniques, ensuring every bite is an authentic representation of this beloved Korean dish. With meticulously selected ingredients, we deliver the true essence of Kimchi, boasting rich and complex flavours that will delight your taste buds. If you are looking to buy Kimchi Dubai, here are the options.

But Yori kimchi Dubai is more than just delicious – it’s a powerhouse of health benefits! Packed with beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and essential nutrients, our kimchi supports gut health, aids digestion, and offers potential immune–boosting properties. Embrace the wellness benefits while favouring the delectable taste that sets Yori apart.

As reliable providers of kimchi in Sharjah, we celebrate the diverse palates of the UAE, recognizing its status as a melting pot of cultures. A Yori, we understand the importance of catering to varied preferences, and our range of Kimchi includes vegan and gluten-free options, making it a versatile addition to any culinary experience. We are expanding in other places of UAE, and have already carved a name as the best kimchi Abu Dhabi providers.

As the first Kimchi producer in the UAE, we take pride in sourcing fresh local produce and adhering to stringent quality standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that Yori Kimchi in UAE offers a premium product that satisfies not just local tastes, but meets international expectations too.

Join us on a journey of authentic flavours, abundant health benefits and a taste that transcends borders. Explore the world of Yori Kimchi and discover a true delight for your senses and culinary fulfilment.

Yori Products

Yori Foods has evolved to be the provider of the best Kimchi in Dubai. We have a tantalising display of lip-smacking varieties of Kimchi at our store. Check out our products:

  • Cabbage – Made of fermented napa cabbage, this sumptuous Korean dish has generous additions of flavourful seasonings including ginger garlic, radish, spring onions and more. This tangy spicy delight is just waiting to play music on your tongue.
  • Cucumber – The tangy, spicy crunch of Cucumber kimchi is flavoured just perfect with a light, sesame seed oil finish. It is totally refreshing, medium spicy and absolutely yummy. The cucumber Kimchi is just waiting to be devoured.
  • Mustard – The unique scent of the mustard leaves is what makes this Kimchi special. Originating from the southern part of Korea, mustard is crunchy and spicy and adds depth to the Kimchi.
  • Radish – With its amazing crunchy texture, radish kimchi is rich in probiotic and digestive enzymes, especially with the addition of garlic, ginger, spring onion, etc. Add a zing to your meal as the radishes are sourced locally and super fresh.
  • Spring Onion – Kimchi spring onion packs a punch with the perfect balance of spicy, salty and strong flavour. The explosion of flavour makes it a perfect pair with steamed rice, tacos and noodles. Let the dish play a bold and invigorating note on your tongue.
  • Ginger – The dynamic flavour profile of our Ginger Kimchi brings out the distinct spicy, peppery notes in ginger. It pairs perfectly well with pork and salads.
  • Sesame – Create a tantalising symphony of flavours through the rich nuttiness of sesame seeds, adding a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire. Sesame is the perfect fusion to the bold and tangy kimchi.


At Yori Foods, you will be treated to a dynamic range of delicious and healthy options that will make every meal special and flavourful. We aim to deliver bowls of health and happiness through our Kimchi Dubai recipes. We have realised the huge demand of Korean cuisine all over Dubai, and have painstakingly sourced only the fresh ingredients to prepare high quality Korean meals. We want the world to enjoy the best cuisine from Korea, and hence all our products are taken through strict quality checks to maximise quality and customer satisfaction. Let our products add instant character and flavour to your soups, as an accompaniment to your meals.

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