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Kimchi Alchemy: Unveiling the Diverse Ingredients Behind this Korean Staple

Kimchi is one of the most popular traditional Korean side dishes. It is made from fermented cabbage, radish, or cucumber among many other varieties. The name of each variety is based on the primary ingredient in it. For example, kimchi made from Napa cabbage or Chinese leaves is known as Chinese leaves Kimchi or Baechu Kimchi, that are made with radish are named Kkakdugi and the ones made with cucumber are known as Oi Kimchi.

The process of making this Korean delicacy is based on the salting and fermentation of the main ingredient. As Cabbage Kimchi is the most popular Kimchi variety it is the one chosen here for a recipe. 

Kimchi Recipe: Exploring a Korean delicacy

  • Varieties of Cabbage Kimchi: Whole Cabbage Kimchi, Sliced Cabbage Kimchi, Water Cabbage Kimchi, and White Cabbage Kimchi are the different varieties of preparation.
  • Ingredients for Baechu Kimchi

The primary ingredient is Chinese leaves. It is supplemented with radish, garlic, red chili pepper, fish sauce, and spring onion. While preparing it at home it is okay to go for ingredients that suit your dietary requirements. 

The Art of Blending These Ingredients

You either buy fresh kimchi online or prepare it at home. Here the making of Whole Cabbage Kimchi is mentioned.

First, the cabbage has to be seasoned with enough salinity. This pickling or brining process can take 6 hours or more. Following this, a paste of the supplementing ingredients needs to be applied to the cabbage. Then it is left for fermentation. The longer it ferments the more flavour it acquires. 

Also, keep in mind that the brining and fermentation can be tailored according to the sensitivity of your taste buds.

This is a simplified version of Kimchi preparation that you can try out at home. Meanwhile, professional cooking adheres to the best standards of cooking in the industry.  

 If the customizations mentioned above are confusing and you wonder where to buy Kimchi in Abu Dhabi, Yori Foods will not disappoint your taste buds. 

The Role of Ingredients Other Than Taste

Kimchi is not just a delectable side dish. It is also a healthy food choice. It is widely regarded as nutritious and good for gut health. The Chinese leaves are good sources of Vitamin A and C as well as Amino acids. Radish is another source of Vitamin C along with Phosphorous and Calcium. Among the other ingredients, the red chili pepper or Gochugaru triggers metabolic activities while garlic and Spring Onion are rich in Allicin that have antibiotic properties.

What does it taste like?

Kimchi can be salty and spicy due to the brining process and the spices included in the paste for fermentation. 

What to Prepare for?

The smell of Kimchi is so intense that it feels like something is rotting in your kitchen. The longer the fermentation more intense the Kimchi becomes. This is not a bad thing considering the better flavor resulting from the ripening of the cabbage. Even if you buy fresh Kimchi online you will experience this smell.

Tips to perfect flavoring

  • Avoid too much Garlic: It can make the dish bitter.
  • Say no to too much ginger: It can make Kimchi sticky. 
  • Chilly Powder: The amount of Gochugaru depends on your liking and taste buds.

The making of Kimchi is an easy process. However, a taste for cooking is essential to season this dish with the right amount of salt, spices, and other ingredients. While you can try this out once in a while on your own, your taste buds deserve to feel the artful flavoring by a professional chef. 

At Yori Foods we cater to the varying preferences of a diverse customer base. Be it a vegan dish or a gluten-free food option we are here to serve you better. With our fresh ingredients availed from local sources, you can rely to buy fresh Kimchi online from our store. 

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